Final Burn (for Linux*)

FinalBurn for Linux has been dead for a long time now. It started as a port of Dave's FinalBurn and later adapted to work with some versions of FinalBurn Alpha (forget about trying to get it working with the latest ones). See FinalBurn Alpha page at Wikipedia for more info. Here you can grab the last version, but beware:

  • The project is not finished
  • It will be non-trivial to compile the code in today's compilers
  • Won't compile/work as a 64 bit binary
  • If you manage to get a compiled version, you'll get an outdated emulator by todays standards

Here are the downloads anyway:

This is the source code of Dave's original FinalBurn together with my modifications to make it compile and run under Linux. It has a "configure" script and should compile and work on most systems. (unless you have RH's broken 2.96.3 compiler, of course)

This is the source code of my modifications to Dave's original FinalBurn ONLY (it does NOT include Dave's code).
This file is provided for developers wanting to continue the project, to make it easier for them to distinguish what is the original code and what are my modifications.

This is the source code of FinalBurn Alpha 230 together with my modifications to make it compile and run under Linux. Unlike finalburn_dave_complete.tar.bz2, this is an unfinished version. It has no configure script and may be difficult to build properly. Includes, among other things, preliminary joystick support (pretty buggy) and gamma correction (calibrated to convert the 2.2 gamma tv picture of the arcade machines to the 2.5 PC-monitor gamma, for now).

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